Craft Cocktails & 70’s Flair

Fall Sundays revolve around football, friends and bar-hopping. What better way to watch football than exploring your city, bouncing around enjoying the sunshine.

One of my favorite things about living in San Diego is the array of neighborhoods ranging from trendy and urban, to hippie beach towns, there is always a new cool area to explore. This Sunday was spent in Normal Heights, an urban pedestrian area north of the famous Balboa Park. And then we stumbled upon Sycamore Den.

A mix of rock walls, old Moroccan lamps, and banjos in brass cases, the Sycamore Den is a groovy bar with an undeniable love for the craft. The design professional in me lusted over the natural material and metal combo, the glam was matched with historic character that wasn’t trying to be cool, but pulled off style so effortless it made my heart flutter. Then we tried the cocktails, I’m hooked.

The man behind the menu, bartender Eric Johnson, has helped open some of the city’s most notable dining and imbibing establishments, including Craft and Commerce, El Dorado Cocktail Lounge, West Coast Tavern and Noble Experiment in his five years in San Diego. He’s really done it again!

beers on tap sycamore den san diego splendid+namaste

A plethora of rotating craft beers, including one of my favorites the Duchesse de Bourgogne a Flemish red ale.

dovetail julep cocktail sycamore den san diego splendid+namasteThe Dovetail Julep, prepared the traditional mint julep way – over ice.
sycamore den bar san diego splendid+namastewolf ticket cocktail sycamore den san diego splendid+namaste

The wolf’s ticket – aka the best cocktail I’ve ever had. Whiskey, orchard peach, simple syrup, angostura bitters, and lemon zest meticulously prepared to delight the senses. Another must try is their Hardly Wallbanger.moroccan lanterns and guns sycamore den san diego splendid+namasteSeveral dozen hanging lanterns caught my eye, the metals and color contrasting beautifully against the rock and wood.
banjos sycamore den san diego splandid+namasteIt’s the details that turn a place from good to grand. The caged in instruments, family photos and the smell of fresh cedar solidify the rich, cozy feel.

xo, Stevie


Friday Faves

Happy Friday all!

Just want to share with you some amazing things I’ve come across this week!

1. Chloe Chippendale of Sugarhigh Lovestoned Instagram feed. Ultimate free spirit, beauty, and hipster. Amazing artistic shots of her and her lover roaming wild.chloe_lovestoner on Instagram

2. Designers of Anna Beck give back by donating 100% of proceeds of necklace sales to Bumi Sehat, a non-profit organization in Bali that provides quality health care to families. P.S. Founder Robin Lim was a CNN Hero of the Year in 2011.

anna beck bumi sehat

3.  The entire Electric Guest CD entitled “Mondo”. You heard right, how often do you love an entire CD? It’s an indie pop album with amazing funky, melodic vocals and a fun mix of instruments in surprising ways.


4. Hake Kitchen and Bar – La Jolla. This place opened up a couple months ago, amazing sushi and seafood. Their Hamachi tuna is so savory with the perfect amount of spice. If your in San Diego, you must go try it!


5. Today is my parent’s 27th wedding anniversary. They are an amazing couple, and role models in love. Not everyday is easy but respect, thoughtfulness and gratitude get you a long way.


46 Surprising Benefits and Uses for Coconut Oil

Sun, salt and chlorine can really damage skin. Ah yes big revelation, no? After returning from a week on Maui a few days ago I could really feel how tight and sun damaged my skin had got. Although I’m a wee bit Spanish and my skin tans nicely I didn’t want to run the risk of peeling. Sue me! I was looking for a new moisturizer. I had heard about vitamin E and how many women swear by it. It’s very greasy and expensive (I bought capsules instead of oil to save me $100 but the volume just isn’t there). Then I thought of coconut oil, just 3 days using it and I’M IN LOVE!

coconut oil

Let’s start off with it’s organic so no pesticides (score!), no alcohol or other chemicals ending in oxide, xyl, or acetate (double score!). It smells amazing, is $6 at Trader Joe’s (the best place in the world, don’t you agree?) and the oil soaks into my skin so I’m not worrying about seating, laying, or rubbing it an hour later.

And can we talk about how many uses it has?? Okay we covered lotion, but it’s also great as a deep conditioner, scalp treatment, face wash (with olive oil), face scrub (with baking soda), face mask (with honey), lip balm, fights frizz, shaving cream (with water), body scrub (with brown sugar, maybe with some coffee grounds too), massage oil, stretch mark cream, lubricant, and the list continues!!!!

Dr. Oz says it’s 3 most powerful health benefits are:

  1. Weight loss: Coconut oil and olive oil have the same fat and calorie content, coconut oil gets a bad rap because it’s saturated (hard at room temperature) but your body can dissolve the fatty acids from coconut oil (medium chain) and not long chain fatty acids source
  2. Treats skin conditions like eczema and psoriasis as I mentioned above. The lauric acid in coconut oil also fights fungal infections
  3. Treats ulcers caused by bacteria like H. Pylori

It can last for two years when stored in a cool dry place so feel free to stock up so you’re never out! Add 1 teaspoon a day to your diet will do wonders for you! It’s sweet to perfect for baking, can even reduce/exclude sugar from recipes (use honey, agave, or vanilla protein powder instead).

Here’s a pretty little charts for you to take a peek at and then go buy two jars of it from Trader Joe’s (one for body, one for cooking of course). Are you in love yet too?

health and beauty benefits of coconut oil