Craft Cocktails & 70’s Flair

Fall Sundays revolve around football, friends and bar-hopping. What better way to watch football than exploring your city, bouncing around enjoying the sunshine.

One of my favorite things about living in San Diego is the array of neighborhoods ranging from trendy and urban, to hippie beach towns, there is always a new cool area to explore. This Sunday was spent in Normal Heights, an urban pedestrian area north of the famous Balboa Park. And then we stumbled upon Sycamore Den.

A mix of rock walls, old Moroccan lamps, and banjos in brass cases, the Sycamore Den is a groovy bar with an undeniable love for the craft. The design professional in me lusted over the natural material and metal combo, the glam was matched with historic character that wasn’t trying to be cool, but pulled off style so effortless it made my heart flutter. Then we tried the cocktails, I’m hooked.

The man behind the menu, bartender Eric Johnson, has helped open some of the city’s most notable dining and imbibing establishments, including Craft and Commerce, El Dorado Cocktail Lounge, West Coast Tavern and Noble Experiment in his five years in San Diego. He’s really done it again!

beers on tap sycamore den san diego splendid+namaste

A plethora of rotating craft beers, including one of my favorites the Duchesse de Bourgogne a Flemish red ale.

dovetail julep cocktail sycamore den san diego splendid+namasteThe Dovetail Julep, prepared the traditional mint julep way – over ice.
sycamore den bar san diego splendid+namastewolf ticket cocktail sycamore den san diego splendid+namaste

The wolf’s ticket – aka the best cocktail I’ve ever had. Whiskey, orchard peach, simple syrup, angostura bitters, and lemon zest meticulously prepared to delight the senses. Another must try is their Hardly Wallbanger.moroccan lanterns and guns sycamore den san diego splendid+namasteSeveral dozen hanging lanterns caught my eye, the metals and color contrasting beautifully against the rock and wood.
banjos sycamore den san diego splandid+namasteIt’s the details that turn a place from good to grand. The caged in instruments, family photos and the smell of fresh cedar solidify the rich, cozy feel.

xo, Stevie


Monday Morning Mantra // Rules for Improv & Life

Tina Fey is hilarious, fantastic on SNL and her roles since then. Her book Bossypants had me hysterically laughing out loud. In her book she talks about the rules for improv, which I think are also amazing rules for living life.

Rules for Improv

  1. Agree – keep and open mind by going along with what others suggest and respecting their opinions
  2. Say Yes And… – contribute something to keep exploring new heights
  3. Make Statements – don’t ask questions all the time, be confident
  4. There are no mistakes, only opportunities – stay positive and learn to adapt

Hope this inspires you today!

Happy Monday!

xo, Stevie

Friday Faves

Another week has come and gone with trials and tributes – I mean, let’s talk about the end of Breaking Bad! Only 1 day off the air and the government shut down! (jokes) Although I am sad to say goodbye to such an amazing show, I was very satisfied with how it ended.

Okay, moving on. I’d like to share some things I came across this week. Here are my favorite things from this week. Things I’m currently coveting, a mix of a wish list and a ‘I own it and love it’ list that all must be shared!

  1. Lululemon, a yoga and running attire company with amazingly comfortable, stylish and I’ll say it sexy work out gear. Not only have I never found pants, sports bras, and tanks that are that functional and trendy, but they hosted a 30 days of Om in San Diego the month of September, partnering with 7 yoga facilities to provide free yoga to the community for the month.lululemon
  2. Arbonne Aromassentials Awaken Sea Salt Scrub. If you’re looking for a body scrub that invigorates your senses and leaves your skin refreshed and nurtured, look no further. Enhanced with essential oils, the scrub sloughs off dead skin revealing brighter, softer skin. It’s amazing, and I love that my skin feels amazing all day long.arbonne-sea-salt-scrub
  3. I’ve got a passion for green – living, and the color. Emerald in particular. The rich hue is luxurious, and reminds me of all of the tropical places I want to see in the world. Coco+Kelley did a feature on green sofas, and I practically died gushing over the images. Real talk, I’m slightly embarrassed by just how much I loved these living rooms. I’m still searching for the perfect sofa (it will be green or blue) to accompany the Chesterfield I’m searching for. Oh and this, it’s a green Chesterfield *sigh*CK-green-chesterfield-botanical-prue-ruscoe-styling-steve-cordony
  4. Turquoise galore! Rings, cuffs, one-of-a-kind jewelry, Rejoice the Hands is all about celebrating your hands by adding a bit of native glam jewelry. Love just the right of bad ass accompanied with my stones and precious metals.rejoice the hands
  5. This idea is genius and if someone gave this to me as a gift I think I would faint. Here’s how it works: you subscribe (for yourself or as a gift) then your receive amazing surprise present in the post every month! You’ll discover fantastic artisans your friends and family has never heard of and you get something to look forward to every month. It’s called Not Another Bill and it’s brilliant. not another bill


Have a wonderful weekend all!

xo, Stevie