Life After Death // A Tombstone or Tree?

Last year when I was in Prague, I walked past a particular graveyard. Beautiful and old, it had been around several hundred years. And it was overflowing with remnants of the departed. From one side of the graveyard, you could see the layers of tombstones and bodies, dozens of them, piled on top of each other. This wasn’t to be rude or unkind. It was simply about not having the space to expand horizontally, so they went up. This got me thinking, where and how, do I want to lay to rest.

I came across another option besides than laying inside of a coffin for the rest of Earth’s existence. Bios Urn from product designer Gerard Moline is a a biodegradable urn made from coconut shell, compacted peat and cellulose and inside it contains the seed of a tree. Once your remains have been placed into the urn, it can be planted and then the seed germinates and begins to grow. You even have the choice to pick the type of plant you would like to become, depending on what kind of planting space you prefer.

bios urn 1

The cemeteries become forests, how beautiful is that?

Hope everyone has a great weekend!

xo, Stevie


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