If not now, when?

Great question. I feel like life is full of “oh, I’ll do that tomorrow.. after I graduate.. after my kids have grown.. later“. There will always be an excuse or a reason to put off doing something. Later turns into never, and never is full of regret.

I studied abroad in France for a semester after studying French for 8 years in high school and college. I’m still not fluent in French. Last week I decided to watch one movie in French every week (with no subtitles if they offer that option). Fluency here I come. What have you been putting off that you could start today?

if not now, when?

Happy hump day!

xo, Stevie

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3 thoughts on “If not now, when?

  1. Do you really think watching one french movie a week is going to make you fluent in french? I’m pretty sure it wouldnt work with me.

    • Sure hope it works! I studied in school for 8 years so I have a good basis of vocab, sentence structure, conjugations, etc. Natives just speak so quickly I have a very hard time understanding them. I’ve definitely put in the time to have a strong foundation and I can speak well (although I’m slow). I’ve been teetering on proficiency for several years now so I hope this is what’s going to do the trick! If not, I’ll bump up to 2 movies a week. If that fails I’ll move to a remote part of a French speaking country where English isn’t spoken. Have you tried this method before?

  2. Nope, sadly I can’t speak any other languages fluently. I did french in school but got a little waylaid as they say. Which is a pity as I love going to new countries and trying to speak the lingo.
    I would like to learn french properly but I can’t be bothered teaching myself basically. If I was to learn I would have to move to france and live there for at least a year, all the other methods just seem a bit ilong winded to me. But I hope your method works for you, maybe it will if you are already fairly fluent.

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