46 Surprising Benefits and Uses for Coconut Oil

Sun, salt and chlorine can really damage skin. Ah yes big revelation, no? After returning from a week on Maui a few days ago I could really feel how tight and sun damaged my skin had got. Although I’m a wee bit Spanish and my skin tans nicely I didn’t want to run the risk of peeling. Sue me! I was looking for a new moisturizer. I had heard about vitamin E and how many women swear by it. It’s very greasy and expensive (I bought capsules instead of oil to save me $100 but the volume just isn’t there). Then I thought of coconut oil, just 3 days using it and I’M IN LOVE!

coconut oil

Let’s start off with it’s organic so no pesticides (score!), no alcohol or other chemicals ending in oxide, xyl, or acetate (double score!). It smells amazing, is $6 at Trader Joe’s (the best place in the world, don’t you agree?) and the oil soaks into my skin so I’m not worrying about seating, laying, or rubbing it an hour later.

And can we talk about how many uses it has?? Okay we covered lotion, but it’s also great as a deep conditioner, scalp treatment, face wash (with olive oil), face scrub (with baking soda), face mask (with honey), lip balm, fights frizz, shaving cream (with water), body scrub (with brown sugar, maybe with some coffee grounds too), massage oil, stretch mark cream, lubricant, and the list continues!!!!

Dr. Oz says it’s 3 most powerful health benefits are:

  1. Weight loss: Coconut oil and olive oil have the same fat and calorie content, coconut oil gets a bad rap because it’s saturated (hard at room temperature) but your body can dissolve the fatty acids from coconut oil (medium chain) and not long chain fatty acids source
  2. Treats skin conditions like eczema and psoriasis as I mentioned above. The lauric acid in coconut oil also fights fungal infections
  3. Treats ulcers caused by bacteria like H. Pylori

It can last for two years when stored in a cool dry place so feel free to stock up so you’re never out! Add 1 teaspoon a day to your diet will do wonders for you! It’s sweet to perfect for baking, can even reduce/exclude sugar from recipes (use honey, agave, or vanilla protein powder instead).

Here’s a pretty little charts for you to take a peek at and then go buy two jars of it from Trader Joe’s (one for body, one for cooking of course). Are you in love yet too?

health and beauty benefits of coconut oil