Let’s Play Ball

I’m a football girl all the way: sack loving, jersey wearing, fantasy playing, 49er fan. I have to admit there are so many perks to baseball season. It’s also outside (I love everything outside), with 162 matches fans can go to lots of games for totally cheap (I also love affordable activities), and it involves lots of beer (sold!).

My friend has season tickets to the Padres, and is taking me to another game, versus the Giants (my hometown area team as I’m from Northern California, hence the Niner fan). Although the Giants have won two out of the last three World Series as you all know, I’m kind of stoked to see the Padres dominate! San Diego needs better sports teams, let’s hope new coaching and management will do wonders for the Chargers, right?!

Anyway, check out this stadium! Can’t beat the views, the atmosphere, the noise of a sporting event.. free tix too!

petco park

Happy Saturday!

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xo, Stevie


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