Officially A College Graduate!!! Say What?!

One of the biggest, most important chapters of my life is over, finito! I’ve just graduated from university! After attending school for 5 years getting a degree in International Business, Marketing, French Western Europe and a Minor in Anthropology (gasp!)? I have officially received my diploma and am now on to the next phase of my life.

But my, what a wonderful 5 years it was. I was able to study abroad, spending 4 months in France and 2 months on the open European road. I met dozens of incredibly fun, wonderful, sincere friends. I drank too much. I ditched class to hang out at the beach. I had enriching internships and jobs. I am so happy to have had these wonderful experiences and am very much looking forward to this first year post grad.

Highlights to look forward to: Hawaii, Outside Lands Music Festival in San Francisco, a couple San Francisco 49ers games (even though I live in San Diego), and one big trip that’s TBD so stay tuned for that!

Here’s a few of my grad pictures!

au natural my grad struttoo happy!


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