Case of the Mondays

I’d argue Monday is the most disliked day to the majority of humans – okay, those of us working 9-5 jobs or still in school. You can see it on the faces of disgruntled students and employees, and satirical animated ecards on social media platforms. The weekend has passed and work lays before us.

Ok, forget that. Take a moment and breathe. Inhaling and exhaling slowly, deeply. For a few seconds. Focus on your breathe, the sounds you make and air enters and escapes your mouth and lungs. Clear your mind, let all of the anxiety of this morning just fade away.breathe

Right mindfulness was one of 8 important points in the Buddha’s teaching, I’m convinced he was on to something. So let go of everything weighing you down and concentrate on the present, on who you are and where your at right in this moment.

Forget the case of the Mondays. It only exists if we say that is does. Mondays rock because you’re here, I’m here, we’re alive! And life is an adventure! We just have to make it one! Make plans to get cocktails tonight with someone you adore and don’t see as often as you like. Make plans for a concert, go cart racing, or a restaurant you’ve been dying to try out! Go for a walk when you get off work and soak up the fresh air and the gorgeous sun set!

I’m going to spend the evening getting all of my photos of the Grand Canyon off of my camera and onto my computer!

For a sneak peek you can view my photos on Instagram!

xo, Stevie



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