Checking it off my Bucket List!

This week’s challenge is a bit of a two-parter. I am teaching myself a new skill and traveling to a place I’ve always wanted to see! Can you guess what and where? Photography and the Grand Canyon!

Not only do I think photography is one rare form of art that is useful and can be applied to everyone’s life, but is so rare and special to be able to capture memories. Isn’t that all we really have? Our experiences become memories. No matter our age, we have them to look back on and remember the splendid times we’ve had. When I think about an experience I’ve had, I have this intense surge of joy, love and nostalgia wash over me. It’s such an incredible feeling. When I look at photos and think about the places I’ve been, people I’ve met and activities I’ve done, it feels like I’m reliving those wonderful times.

I think photography is beautiful. To me, it’s even more beautiful when it’s photos of things you’ve experienced. Being there in that exact moment. Surrounded by the beauty captured in the photo. You can relive that experience whenever you look at that photo and close your eyes, imaging being back in that place. It’s magical.

I’ve had a crappy point and shoot camera for years. It got the job done (barely), and to be honest I actually preferred using my iPhone to it because of convenience and quality -imagine that! After months of research (and saving up!) I finally selected a Sony NEX5R! I am so excited about it’s zoom, frames per second, wifi capability, and it’s user friendliness (gives instructions, tips, and advice on the screen whenever I need it!)I’ll never forget what the icons mean and I can feel confident that the pictures I’m taking are the best versions I could possibly take.

image (5)

The challenge: put into practice photography lessons I’ve been reading online!

The timing is perfect, if not cutting it a bit close but better late than never….. I’m going to the Grand Canyon on Thursday for the weekend!

I’ve never been before, and living so close, it feels silly that I haven’t gone before! It’s funny, spending a semester in Europe so many friends had asked about it and if it was as amazing as everyone says. I’ve actually heard that once you see it, you will never use the term breathtaking to describe anything else because you’ve seen what it really means… wow.

I think this relates to my challenge last week because we, or I at least, have a tendency to overlook the things that I am surrounded by. We take advantage of how splendid these things really are and assume we’ll see it, do it, appreciate it sometime. “The grass is always greener..” right?

So I’m ditching that mentality and seizing this opportunity to see this incredible hole, basque in the glory of nature and surrender my perceived self importance in the universe. The minute I got back from Europe in August of 2012 I began discussing it with my boyfriend and looking up where to stay and what to do. The time has finally arrived and I couldn’t be happier! In fact, I’ve been dancing around my apartment as I type!!

Hope everyone is having a splendid week! Namaste.

xo, Stevie


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