Healthy Treats // Chocolate Powerberries

Have you guys tried these yet?? They are delicious! I don’t think that word conveys exactly how delighted I am with this purchase. It’s rich dark chocolate, covering a mix of açai, pomegranate, cranberry and blueberry pieces and juices. It’s so decadent, I feel like I’m indulging, but dark chocolate and berries are packed with antioxidants, which helps get rid of free radicals (a cause of cancer). They do say you should have dark chocolate a couple times a week, it helps reduce blood pressure and the risk for blood clots, and helps prevent heart attacks and stroke! Yummy and good for you? -Heck yes!

Trader Joe's Chocolate Covered Powerberries

Trader Joe’s Chocolate Covered Powerberries

I seriously cannot get enough of Trader Joe’s. Everything there is tasty, good price and great quality. How is it that even a wood planked, customer service driven grocer has such good prices? It is a premium store but I always spend less there than any other grocer, and the products I buy are a healthier version than elsewhere.

Seriously if you haven’t checked out TJ’s go do it. And try these berries, too!

xo, Stevie


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