It’s about time // Gallery Wall

I’ve been living in my current apartment for a few months now, I won’t tell you exactly how long because it’s been too long to not have already hung up photos! I have so many beautiful photos from my study abroad semester, paintings I’ve done or collected over the years and other memorabilia that have literally been laying in my room. They’ve just been stacked against the wall, creating clutter in my already small bedroom. I couldn’t tell you my exact reasoning for letting them sit there, maybe I was waiting for a more permanent space to hang them up in (I’m moving again over summer, hopefully into a residence that will last years!), maybe I was too lazy or scared and didn’t know how I wanted to hang them.

Either way enough is enough! Today is the day! I woke up this morning and didn’t know why I was putting it off, so I got out my hammer, stuff finder and nails and voilĂ , c’est fini!





Feels so good to have finally done that! What have you been putting off, but need to just throw out your excuses and do?

xo, Stevie


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