“The Myth of the Muslim Tide”

I just finished an absolutely wonderful, current and controversial book today.

The Myth of the Muslim Tide, Do Immigrants Threaten the West by Doug Saunders openly portrays public fears of Islamist terrorism, albeit strongly and this point of view is almost hard to read. No doubt these fears exist in the minds of people in the Western world, especially after the September 11 attacks. Walls have been built between ‘them’ and ‘us’, segregation, discrimination, and projecting misconceptions on a very diverse group of people, ultimately subjecting them to being a coherent group of peoples – one that is threatening the Western world. But we see it is not the case, that we have actually been in this place before with Catholic and Jewish immigration.  He discusses topics such as immigration population trends, birth rates, loyalties, integration, sharia law, and jihadism.

You’ll hear me say this multiple times, but both our (human) ignorance and lack of action is surprising! There is a video on YouTube that talks about Muslim Demographics in the West, and (almost) every claim in it is false! Yet is has more than 13 million views? That means millions of people are being informed and swayed by false claims – propaganda – created to dehumanize and discriminate others by those who are either afraid or feel superior. So tell me YouTube, can’t you fact check? I applaud free speech but when something is being passed off as legitimate news or expert opinion, some accountability needs to take place. These are human lives at stake! What do you think? Should this video be taken down?

This book definitely stirred up something in me. Shouldn’t books, films, articles, etc. trigger a debate, or at least a conversation?

He ends the book by saying “We should remember that a tide is something that sweeps away, but it is also something that arrives periodically, stirs up the currents, and recedes, leaving a fresher version of the same landscape. Close to the shore it may resemble a flood. From a better vantage, we realize it is not a cataclysm or a disturbance but one of the vital cycles of human life.” Simply beautiful.

The book is absolutely fascinating. Saunders is a factual, yet easy-to-read writer and I am very excited about reading his other book, Arrival City. Has any one else read it, thoughts? I urge you to pick it up if you haven’t read it. Knowledge is power, right?

photo taken by me

photo taken by me

xo, Stevie


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