New Beginnings

birthday beer tasting

birthday beer tasting

I turned 23 this week. It’s a weird age, but I’m beginning to think all of them are. This one in particular for me – a period of limbo -about to graduate university (yikes!) with wonderful experiences behind me, and so much excitement for the future I’m starting to think I can’t do it all.

I think most of us feel this way. There is just too much good stuff, too many places to experience, too much stuff to do in what is an alarmingly short amount of times – yes, I’m talking about the length of our lives! So young, but so afraid to miss out, is it just me?

So here is my conscious effort to not let my life leave me behind. Consider it a product of my age, transition period or world view. Consider it a calling from deep within me to try every single day to do the things that will define, shape, and fill me in the years to come.

Hold on to your hats, I couldn’t be more excited about sharing my experiences with you – not that they’re anything extraordinary, but I like to think that someone reading will connect and benefit from an experience or thought I have, since I know I have benefitted from others.

So cheers to challenging ourselves to a better, more full life. Isn’t that all we’re here for anyways?

xo, Stevie


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