Challenge of the Week // Home Town Exploration

I have a tendency to think we take advantage of where we live. I’m sure you’ve heard “the grass is always greener on the other side”, suggesting we are envious of what is foreign, different and something other than what we have because that’s familiar and boring.

While studying abroad,one of the most fun topics to discuss is where everyone is from. People talk about what their city is like, their University, favorite spots to hang out, fun events during the year, that kind of thing.

I live in California, southern California no less, in the beautiful city of sunny San Diego. I am nestled in a quaint beach town amongst an abundance of bars, yoga studios, sushi restaurants, bike shops, tattoo studios, cafés/restaurants and street art. Pacific Beach is such a beautiful, fun, young neighborhood of San Diego. I love where I live and sometimes I forget how lucky I am to live here.

For instance, this morning I biked to the beach to go for a run. I went past this painting on the side of the wall, as I do almost every day. It’s next to a auto workshop and I’ve always thought it to be a cool accent to the wall near an automobile repair shop. I love the old style car and the vintage feel about it.

Vintage  car street art

Vintage car street art

Later, I was having breakfast and to my right was this beautiful beverage station for the employees to prepare tea, coffee and mimosas. I love the jade tiles and gorgeous embellished wood work.

Having breakfast at Isabelle's Cantina

Having breakfast at Isabelle’s Cantina

To me this challenge isn’t just about living in a desirable place, but seeing the place in a new, appreciative light. I truly believe there are great parts to every city – small details that go mostly unnoticed but enhance the city’s appeal. What hidden gem in your town make it special?

I certainly am not done scoping out the unexpected aspects of PB and the rest of San Diego. Would you like to see me post more cool pictures of a beautiful building, restaurant, or street art when I stumble upon them?

xo, Stevie


Healthy Treats // Chocolate Powerberries

Have you guys tried these yet?? They are delicious! I don’t think that word conveys exactly how delighted I am with this purchase. It’s rich dark chocolate, covering a mix of açai, pomegranate, cranberry and blueberry pieces and juices. It’s so decadent, I feel like I’m indulging, but dark chocolate and berries are packed with antioxidants, which helps get rid of free radicals (a cause of cancer). They do say you should have dark chocolate a couple times a week, it helps reduce blood pressure and the risk for blood clots, and helps prevent heart attacks and stroke! Yummy and good for you? -Heck yes!

Trader Joe's Chocolate Covered Powerberries

Trader Joe’s Chocolate Covered Powerberries

I seriously cannot get enough of Trader Joe’s. Everything there is tasty, good price and great quality. How is it that even a wood planked, customer service driven grocer has such good prices? It is a premium store but I always spend less there than any other grocer, and the products I buy are a healthier version than elsewhere.

Seriously if you haven’t checked out TJ’s go do it. And try these berries, too!

xo, Stevie

It’s about time // Gallery Wall

I’ve been living in my current apartment for a few months now, I won’t tell you exactly how long because it’s been too long to not have already hung up photos! I have so many beautiful photos from my study abroad semester, paintings I’ve done or collected over the years and other memorabilia that have literally been laying in my room. They’ve just been stacked against the wall, creating clutter in my already small bedroom. I couldn’t tell you my exact reasoning for letting them sit there, maybe I was waiting for a more permanent space to hang them up in (I’m moving again over summer, hopefully into a residence that will last years!), maybe I was too lazy or scared and didn’t know how I wanted to hang them.

Either way enough is enough! Today is the day! I woke up this morning and didn’t know why I was putting it off, so I got out my hammer, stuff finder and nails and voilà, c’est fini!





Feels so good to have finally done that! What have you been putting off, but need to just throw out your excuses and do?

xo, Stevie